It is freezing – really. It is freezing and it has been for days. It seldom freezes on the San Francisco peninsula, let alone for days.

The squirrels have grown fatter and fluffier overnight. They chew madly trying to keep warm.

Riding a bicycle in this weather gives you ice cream headaches even with a balaclava under your helmet.

Yesterday afternoon, like I always do, I hosed off my standup paddle board after paddling in the bay. I left the board to dry while there was still sun and when I returned, there was a thin sheet of ice on the surface of the board. Brrr…

New Years Resolutions

  1. Show Gabrielle that you love her every day.
  2. Practice the guitar more frequently and regularly.
  3. Blog more frequently – with photos


Here is a photo of the unveiling of the statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe, at the Santuary in Santa Fe this summer. We were lucky to be there at the time.

Mexico 2008 – a photoset on Flickr

We just got our photos from our trip to Mexico posted to Flickr.


This January, to celebrate my birthday, Gabi and I spent two weeks in Mexico. We visited four colonial cities around the central highlands: Puebla, Cuernavaca, Morelia and San Miguel de Allende.

Unfortunately, the day before we left, our Olympus digital camera died! To make things worse, half way into our trip, our Canon 35 MM camera died too! Most of shots ended up being taken on disposable cameras. All of the photos were digitized from film at very low resolution, so forgive the photo quality.

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