Fuji Project

Fuji Project

Building up a new old bike.

Crank thumbnail

It started out with a big CRUNCH…

That was the sound of my trusty late 80s Centurion RS crunching into the beam above the garage door as Gabrielle slowly pulled into the garage. Ouch.

Fortunately the parts were salvageable.


What to do? I really love the feel of Japanese steel frames. But new ones, like from Rivendell Bicycles, are expensive. I decided to try my luck on eBay and with a little patience I found a beautiful late 80s Fuji Club frame for $87.50. It hardly had a scratch on it.




Here is a close up of the bottom bracket. You can’t see a scratch on it. There were a couple of chips near the chain stays but they were easy to touch up with nail polish.


Here is the bike partially built up. I used the old Nitto bars and seat post from the Centurion. You start to get a feel for the lines now.



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